Hello World

Hello World

I've done it. I've finally gone and done it. It only took me about 40 days of social distancing and 2 years of failed new year's resolutions but I've finally started a blog. I've been wanting to do this ever since I became acquainted with the learn in public movement, and now it's done.

Guess I better start writing something, huh?

Starting a blog was hard, but also pretty easy, but also kinda hard

Hard because motivation is hard to come by. I feel like I've been putting this off on random excuses since forever and in retrospective, I wish I hadn't lost so much time 'planning' this.

Pretty easy because I chose to do it using Ghost ("the world’s most popular open source headless Node.js CMS") which stores all my posts as MobileDoc data (Just JSON™️) in case I want to implement my own solution in the future. Ghost has pretty much everything I need out-of-the-box, an admin panel, an editor, and... excellent documentation*.

But also kinda hard because I deployed Ghost using DigitalOcean despite having zero experience using that particular cloud provider. Needless to say this set me back a few hours, but in the end I managed to set it up correctly. As a matter of fact, I will delve deeper into my blog's infrastructure in an upcoming post (+1 for creating expectations).

*: your mileage may vary.

What will I write about?

I'm a developer, so most likely I'll be writing about technology, programming languages, cloud computing and all that jazz, though I've flirted with the idea of writing about philosophy and politics for a while so you might see some of that too.

Either way, I hope you stick around.

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